Athletes achieving the professional level of their sport prove to themselves that they are amongst the best of the best. Although developed as a professional athlete, their maturity as a person may not be at the same level. Because of this uneven development, personal issues that have been push down may surface profoundly impacting their lives and the success of their teams. Instead of dealing w their personal low esteem and weaknesses, they may overly rely on their advisors, substance and behavioral dependencies, and inappropriate and risky behaviors in the community. Some athletes can’t hand their fame or their wealth. Although they have enough talent, they lack an understanding of their core as a person, and therefore need help to handle their professional and economic success. This can lead to diminished individual performance and create barriers to effective teamwork and team losses. It can be difficult for a coach to unravel these kinds of problems because the source of performance problems become intertwined. Demanding team harmony and “just do it” and win, does not help when the athlete’s problems are not primarily behavioral and are deeply seated.

At this level Danaus helps re-introduce the high performance athlete to the part of themselves that has been neglected. By reconnecting them to their true selves they are more able to make good choices, increase their focus on the team, maintain good character on and off the field, increase their confidence in their abilities to succeed, relax and renew their passion for the game that leads to more valuable contributions to their team.