High School

High school athletes are pressured by coaches, parents and themselves to constantly increase their level of performance, sometimes to their detriment because their aspirations are beyond their capacities. To excel they sometimes ignore their physical and mental well-being striving to accomplish the rewards of college athletics.

Their stress levels climb because they pay little attention to a healthy balance, and their stress gets incorporated into a cycle of performance that is not sustainable. Not enough attention is given to stress reduction so they can play at their maximum level of performance. Added to this, once they enter college the pressures of more intensive academics and level of play, adds to the imbalance. Many fall apart for a peak of achievement and can’t find ways to put themselves back together.

Danaus’s program helps these young athletes get grounded and find ways to focus on their ultimate goals through inspiration instead of stress and fear of failure.

By doing so their lives are more balanced and their needs are not denied thereby increasing their achievements within themselves, their sport and their community.