Children: 7-12
Teenagers: 12-17
Adults: 18+

The cost for participating in a group, regardless of the group, is $40.00 per person, per group for 10 weeks.

Note: An addition 10.00 per person, per group will be assessed for those who are seeking medication reduction or impaired professional services.
Individual One-on-One:
One-on-one individual sessions are $200.00 for an initial intake, which lasts from 1.5 to 2 hours. Each session after that is $150.00 per hour.
All standard forms of payment are accepted on our Honeybook link

Each groups meets once a week for a period of 10 weeks.

People usually experience results after 2-3 sessions. The average number
of sessions is 5-10; some people do more.

Not at the present time.

Group sessions last one hour per week
session last 1.5 – 2 hours for the intake and one hour per week after that

Yes. I only work with my clients in person. There are some
hypnotherapists who will consider sessions via the web. My experience
has convinced me that hypnotherapy is most effective when done face-to-
face due to the person connect that is establish between the
hypnotherapist and the client.

The main difference is that hypnotherapy focuses on changing perception,
interpretation and thoughts and behavior by accessing the
subconscious. This is done through trust of self, hypnotherapist and
relaxation techniques.

Just call our office (702) 832-0799 or email us at  and we will walk you through the process and answer any other questions you may have.